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Other ways to help & to benefit



Leadership Roles

Thanks to the combined efforts of the alumni association in France, the alumni association in Morocco, key alumni from around the world, the recently created office of Academic Affairs & Wellness, and the school’s marketing team, there is a general consensus that the quality of alumni events continues to rise significantly year after year. With high-profile world alumni events like our 25th anniversary celebrated in Paris in 2013, the Doing Well by Doing Good Conference organized in Marrakech in 2015,  the World Alumni Congress which was held in Marrakech during the COP 22, we have achieved two important objectives: 1/ successfully involve more alumni and 2/ increasingly play a thought leadership role.

Through our Conferences on Burnout, Wellness at Work, Masterclasses on Lean Start-ups and Forums on “Innovation & Circular Economy in Africa” 2019, we continue to gain international visibility for our initiatives .

As we continue to develop these and other initiatives, there is a growing need for alumni like you to step in and play an active leadership role. So what are the ways that you could help:

> Represent your cohort as Class Ambassador

> Become a network focal point as a City or Regional (Geographical) Ambassador

> Contribute your expertise, talents and/or ideas to cutting-edge projects

> Join the Alumni Association’s Board

> Find a way to involve your company in what we do at the school

> Actively refer quality candidates to our programs

> Discuss your ideas and initiatives with us

If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact Linda Crofton at crofton@pontsbschool.com to take the discussion further.

Corporate Partnerships

The school is looking to further develop its relationships with businesses, associations and institutions big and small – notably in France, Morocco and China – where we already have high-profile programs, but also in Africa and Eastern Europe , where we hope to open new programs in the not-so-distant future.

There are many ways we can create value for and with our corporate partners, and there are many ways that corporate partners can contribute to the development of the school. Naturally, we would like to broaden the range of partners. In the last few years we have created innovative and highly differentiated programs, while working with globally-recognized partners like Architects of Group Genius.

There are many opportunities that could be developed, but some areas for corporate cooperation to consider include:

> New, middle or top manager programs

> Tailored high potential training programs

> Accompanying learning needs of key employees

> Branded sponsoring and research opportunities 

> Co-design specialized E-MBA programs

> Corporate Advisory Board membership

> Guest-speaking opportunities

> Privileged recruitment access

> Access to MBA-led consulting services

> Co-branded conferences

> …

Lifelong learning

As our programs have changed considerably in recent years, there are certainly modules that did not exist when you did your MBA. We offer our alumni the opportunity to access nearly all the modules we offer at a special alumni-only heavily-discounted price. Some alumni expressed interest in updating their marketing skills (which has completely changed its focus (digital, social, experiential) in recent years), and others have opted to participate in our international study trips, like our most recent trip to the Silicon Valley. These are just some of the opportunities we can offer. If you are looking to upgrade specific skills or acquire new ones, talk to us first – we may be able to help.

And for those of you who have completed our MBA or E-MBA programs, and have 10 years of work experience as well as a defined area of expertise, you may want to consider attending our new Executive Doctoral Program (Executive DBA) that we launched in Fall 2015. The E-DBA is today what the MBA was 20 years ago – a differentiating degree that allows you to brand yourself as an expert and unlock senior management, consulting, speaking and teaching opportunities.

The school has designed a truly unique doctoral program that is made for working professionals in order to help them package the expertise born of their professional background, grounded in theory and modern academic practices. There is no dissertation to write, instead 3 articles constitute the “doctoral project”. And rather than an intense course schedule, the program is organized with 4 residential weeks only, spread over one year, and taught in Paris.

Contact Linda Crofton crofton@pontsbschool.com

Learn more about our E-DBA.