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From MIB to ENPC MBA Paris to École des Ponts Business School

From the first Master’s in International Business at rue des Saint Pères in Saint Germain des Près, to the launch of our Executive DBA program and international research centers, your school has changed tremendously. Nonetheless, more than ever, we are faithful to the motto inherited from Celia Russo, our charismatic founder : In Business to Make a Better World.

Today, we are a community of 6,000+ alumni from around, not only sharing some memories from our school days, but also a passion for innovation, an open-minded spirit and the quest for unconventional ideas to serve human progress and the future of our fragile planet.

Building on the vision that technology and business are among the main forces that are shaping the future, École des Ponts Business School relentlessly transforms itself and its programs.

Together, we can accelerate the transformation of the school and have a greater impact on our world

Our Alumni community is both a source of inspiration and a vibrant support network for this ongoing transformation.

Several alumni are members of the board of the school, which has mandated Jean Eichenlaub (MBA class of 1995), President of Qualium and Jean-Marie Hurtiger (Ingénieur Civil 1973), former CEO of Renault Samsung Motors, to lead a campaign of fundraising to serve the school’s strategic objectives, better serve our community and have greater impact on the world.

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