The Alumni Association of the ENPC (Ponts Alliance) -

The Alumni Association of the ENPC

 (Ponts Alliance)

Founded in 1860, the association is committed to bringing together all the 17000 graduates of the Ecole nationale des ponts et chausées, and to offer them assistance around 5 major objectives.

  1. Constitute an effective and high-level network
  2. Give added dynamism to the professional careers of graduates
  3. Debate the key questions of our our time
  4. Offer specific, valuable services
  5. Contribute to the development, the prestige and the influence of our school 

A word from the ex- President of Ponts Alliance (the ENPC Alumni Association)

Ponts Alliance, the Alumni Association of the ENPC (AAENPC) graduates has welcomed the members of theMBA Alumni Association within our ranks for several years now.
Our association will be happy to welcome you and to accompany you during transitions in your career path as well as to invite you to participate in the activities of our professional and regional groups – which are now active on several continents.
You are joining a community which is now over 17,000 members strong, associating MBA graduates as well as engineering graduates, Master’s degree graduates, PhD graduates and members of the Pont Corpus (« Corps des Ponts »).
 Ponts Alliance is also an active member of the ParisTech Alumni Association which now encompasses a network of over 130,000 graduates of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in France, theGrandes EcolesFouad Awada (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech – 1991),
ex-President of The Alumni Association of the ENPC (Ponts Alliance)

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