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Alumni Networks

The key to success of any great network is keeping in touch. As the École des Ponts Business School considers its alumni to be one of its greatest assets, it has developed a number of different services to promote contact-building and information exchange. It is the School’s hope that this network will continue to improve and to grow thanks to the active participation of its members.

Life-Time Learning

The School, through its alumni network, also encourages graduates of its programs to update their knowledge. Regular meetings are held with speakers on relevant business topics and open invitations are extended for alumni to visit the School and sit-in on current classes through a Lifetime Learning initiative.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you are interested in taking a class or interested in being involved as a speaker/contributor on a given topic.

Ecole des Ponts Business School Alumni Stories

We want to know how your MBA has had a positive impact on your life. Have you recently changed jobs? Moved to a new country? Launched a new business? Created a new non-profit or social entrepreneurship initiative? Drop us a line and share your success stories with the international alumni community:

MBA Alumni association


Ecole des Ponts Business School Alumni Association

Once admitted to Ecole des Ponts Business School, participants have the opportunity to accede to alumni activities.

  • At World Congresses, like the World Business Networking Congress in Marrakech, the frontiers of knowledge and practice are advanced, while networking and fraternity simultaneously create significant value.
  • Global Events gather alumni in key locations around the world, including London, Paris, New York, Philadelphia, Shanghai, Bangalore, Pune or Delhi.
  • Meeting alumni and creating value “criss-cross” the globe. On the one hand, alumni geographic ambassadors volunteer to brief fellow alumni on the business and networking opportunities of their city or region. On the other hand, frequent travelers reach out to fellow alumni around alumni dinners, sharing news and building fellowship.
  • Thought leadership and value creation are highlighted in the Entrepreneurship series of Ecole des Ponts Business School Alumni.
  • Meanwhile, the Executive Transformation Series illustrates how the Ecole des Ponts Business School and its alumni association work hand in hand. Thought-provoking panel discussions, workshops and masterclasses take place at our prime city center Executive Campus location.

  • When you want to “check in” or “catch up” with old friends without unnecessarily formality, a regular roster of meeting occasions fits the bill. For example, whenever alumni are scheduling travel thru Paris, they know that they can meet up with friends over drinks, after work, on the Last Tuesday of every month.
  • Alternatively, they can join the weekly Thursday morning MBA Café, where prospective students, staff members and often alumni schedule chat about the school, its programs and news of alumni.
  • Graduation ceremonies are a highlight of the year, as participants formally cross the threshold to becoming fully-fledged alumni. In this context, participants greatly appreciate the address by the alumni president.
  • The Annual General Meeting of the Ecole des Ponts Business School Alumni Association combines a formal decision-making occasion including the election of alumni board members, with an informal gathering of leading alumni.

Multiple alumni networks reinforce each other:

  • Ecole des Ponts Business School Alumni (6,000 alumni)
  • Ponts Alliance (17,000 alumni)
  • ParisTech (200,000 alumni)

Furthermore, graduates from the Global Executive MBA, benefit from the partnership with Fox School of Business, at Temple University and its network of 60,000 alumni.
Solvay School Alumni boasts 20,000 members.

A word from the ex-President of the École des Ponts Business School Alumni Association 

At École des Ponts Business School Alumni, we benefit from the talent of those who believe in Values Driven Leadership. Together, we look out for each other and for the wider interests of a Values-Driven world. We engage with a network of partners to help set the agenda for “Building the World of (the day after) Tomorrow.” Each alumnus can make a contribution based on her expertise: Entrepreneurship, Finance, Energy, Profit, Non-profit, Strategy, Marketing, Communications, Fundraising, …

Welcome all Ecole des Ponts Business School / ENPC MBA ALUMNI; we self-motivated leaders are Driven to Create Value for each other and for the world in which we live! We hope we can count on your for both.

Desmond McGetrick
President  – École des Ponts Business School Alumnus 

Members of École des Ponts Business School Alumni Association – 2014:

Executive Team:
President : Kevin Sara
Treasurer : Mohammed Chihabi
Associated Treasurer: Florence Augustin
General Secretary : Pascal Vivien

Extended Executive Team:
Emeric Blumberger
Samir Tabloul

Board members :
Taha Abboud
Mohamed Ait El-Bacha
Yann Balleys
Amina Ben Amar
Younes Benjelloun
François Blanchet
François Césure
Rodica Guisset Moroi
Megan Jones
Soudabeh Mahdavi

The École des Ponts Business School​ Alumni Association is governed by the French 1901 Law of associations, and is also a part of Ponts Alliance (l’association des Anciens des Ponts) in terms of membership. We create synergies, and that your membership in Ponts Alliance is the only one required to be part of MBA Alumni.

The Alumni Association of the ENPC

 (Ponts Alliance)

Founded in 1860, the association is committed to bringing together all the 17000 graduates of the Ecole nationale des ponts et chausées, and to offer them assistance around 5 major objectives.

  1. Constitute an effective and high-level network
  2. Give added dynamism to the professional careers of graduates
  3. Debate the key questions of our our time
  4. Offer specific, valuable services
  5. Contribute to the development, the prestige and the influence of our school 

A word from the ex- President of Ponts Alliance (the ENPC Alumni Association)

Ponts Alliance, the Alumni Association of the ENPC (AAENPC) graduates has welcomed the members of theMBA Alumni Association within our ranks for several years now.
Our association will be happy to welcome you and to accompany you during transitions in your career path as well as to invite you to participate in the activities of our professional and regional groups – which are now active on several continents.
You are joining a community which is now over 17,000 members strong, associating MBA graduates as well as engineering graduates, Master’s degree graduates, PhD graduates and members of the Pont Corpus (« Corps des Ponts »).
 Ponts Alliance is also an active member of the ParisTech Alumni Association which now encompasses a network of over 130,000 graduates of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in France, theGrandes EcolesFouad Awada (Ecole des Ponts ParisTech – 1991),
ex-President of The Alumni Association of the ENPC (Ponts Alliance)

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ParisTech Alumni


The purpose of the ParisTech Alumni Forum is to represent the interests of all graduates from the 12 French “grandes ecoles” which together form ParisTech. 

Together the 12 member schools have over 200,000 alumni. As an alumnus of Ecole des Ponts Business school, your name appears in the Paristech alumni directory.

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In terms of key demographics, it is interesting to note that women represent approximately 15% of graduates, and that nearly 11% of all graduates have a French civil servant status.

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