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GoFundMe Employees Surprise MBA Participant

(Photo of Aida at PayPal on the Silicon Valley Study Trip)

Aida Fernandez is a full time MBA participant from Guatemala who came to École des Ponts Business School with a decade of experience working in social justice and a big dream to build a better world for the most vulnerable.

Aida recently set up a GoFundMe campaign to help cover the cost of traveling to the Silicon Valley for this once-in-a-lifetime experience, writing on her GoFundMe page :

I strongly believe I can innovate on social issues and develop new collaborative ways to help people improve the quality of their lives. As part of the MBA, the school is offering us the opportunity to participate in a Study Trip to the Silicon Valley to experience the spark of innovation of this part of the world first hand. Participating in this trip would be a life-changing opportunity for me! The chance to talk to those people and leaders who have dared to go further, invented new models of work, and changed the world in the process.

Asking for your help is part of my attempt to be more proactive and never accept that a lack of money can stop me from doing what’s right or what’s best. 

Aida generously received most of her targeted goal thanks to you and others out there who believe in her extraordinary potential. We want to thank warmly all those who contributed.

All expectations were exceeded yesterday when GoFundMe directly reached out to Aida to tell her that her campaign had touched them so much on staff that they nominated it for an employee donation program called “Gives Back!”.

After analyzing all the campaigns nominated, Aida’s campaign won !!

The GoFundMe representative wrote Aida to say:

Hello Aida, 

I work at GoFundMe France. I found your campaign to be extremely inspiring, so I decided to nominate it for our GoFundMe employee donations program that we call “Gives Back”!

After analyzing all the nominations, your campaign has been selected and you will receive € 1,000 from GoFundMe.

Aida received 1,000 Euros for her campaign from GoFundMe employees. 

As a self-starter, Aida embodies the strength and vision of our school’s founder, Celia Russo. Aida is the face of the future and we are so excited that she is on her way to achieving her ambitious goals.

Watch last years Study Trip to the Silicon Valley.



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