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Adventures in doctoral research


A few years ago at École des Ponts Business School when we started our Executive DBA program we decided we were going to do something different. Unlike most doctoral programs, we ask that our participants come to the program without a pre-defined research project. Naturally, the research has to be linked to the person’s background and professional experience, but we would like the actual research project to emerge organically once they consider their intended domain of focus (expertise), what they would like to be known for (legacy), where they think they can make a difference (impact) and where they would like to go professionally (strategic intent).

As a result, the research that comes out of our program is extremely personal and intentional. Each paper has a story and each storyteller (i.e. the researcher) has a unique story to tell. In this series, we are giving each doctoral graduate the opportunity to share their unique perspective on their very personal adventure in doctoral research and what we can learn from it. The format is simple and fun not academic and boring (I saw you roll your eyes so stop it!). Really. Each story will tell us what was fun, surprising and interesting about their research.

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