New China E-MBA Program Opens

New China E-MBA Program Opens

2016 TEE-EMBA Program Opening Ceremony held at Tsinghua School of Economics and Management

On September 21, 2016, the opening ceremony of the TEE-EMBA program, jointly organized by Tsinghua SEM and École des Ponts ParisTech, also known as École nationale des ponts et chausses (ENPC) and École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC), was held at Tsinghua SEM.  Ninety-seven outstanding entrepreneurs from China gathered today to commence their first lesson for the program. Prof. Yang Bin, Vice-Chancellor of Tsinghua University, Prof. Marc Houalla, President of École nationale de l’aviation civile of France, Prof. Kirsty Tan Shoo Fong, International Dean of École des Ponts Business School of France, Prof. Gao Jian, Director of Tsinghua Education and Training Management Department, Dr. Wang Yong, Assistant Dean of Tsinghua SEM and Director of Executive Education Center, Prof. Cheng Jiahui, Director of EMBA Education Center and Academic Director of Tsinghua SEM, attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches.


Speech by Tsinghua University Vice-Chancellor, Dean Professor Yang Bin


“We are deeply touched and pleased by all of you gathered at Tsinghua University today. Touched by the fact that you are not satisfied with the past; that you still cherish the enterprising spirit, the dream of chasing the beginning of something great; pleased that you are well aware of your social responsibilities and business mission, and consistently seeking to better yourselves.”   Vice Chancellor of Tsinghua University, Dean Professor Yang Bin, said in his speech, “East and West integration, ancient and modern linkage” has always been Tsinghua University’s tradition of “self-improvement, the moral bearing” motto – the concept of scholarship. The Chinese and French schools have created a unique opportunity for students to gain a foothold in China and to become a global leader with a global vision and ability to solve complex problems.

Professor Yang Bin recited Tsinghua’s school poem – “understand all reasons, learn history and explore future, rule with the old and new, we thus choose special paths” – these 16 words become a guide to Tsinghua University students who wish to continue to explore the truth, find self and contribute to the community.  With much anticipation, 2016 TEE-EMBA students can carry the three Chinese-French schools’ ardent expectations through the upcoming studies and work in the pursuit of excellence, in shaping reputable characters, and becoming excellent business leaders and social pillars.


Speech by Professor Gao Jian, Secretary of Party Committee of Tsinghua SEM

The TEE-EMBA program, jointly run by the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, École des Ponts ParisTech and École nationale de l’aviation civile, is the first collaboration between the three schools. It is an initiative of China and France in the field of science, technology and education; and an outcome of the 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

We have successfully held the TEE-EMBA program three times.  This year’s curriculum is based on bold innovation, that is, taking advantage of the large Tsinghua University teaching resources platform, covering all business management courses integrating Tsinghua University’s own EMBA programs, leveraging on Tsinghua’s “Heaven, Earth, People” teaching philosophy, sharing EMBA resources simultaneously with the advantages of international cooperation projects.  We will fully integrate Chinese and Western management concepts to help students build a global perspective, focus on China from an international perspective, and the development of Asia as a whole.


Assistant Dean of Tsinghua SEM, Director of Executive Education Center, Director of EMBA Education Center, Dr. Wang Yong

“T” represents Tsinghua University, two “E”s represent the École des Ponts ParisTech (ENPC) and École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC), TEE-EMBA program is jointly launched by these three schools for Chinese entrepreneurs and corporate executives in EMBA program.  Based on the global vision and international cooperation, the students can share the alumni resources of three schools, enrich the curriculum design and enjoy the French learning experience.

Dr. Wang Yong, Assistant Dean of Tsinghua SEM and Director of Executive Education Center and Director of EMBA Education Center, introduced the program profile and shared with Tsinghua University, Tsinghua SEM and Tsinghua SEM origin.  In addition to the unique historical heritage, profound historical background and rigorous academic atmosphere, Tsinghua SEM and EMBA Education Center have unique advantages in faculty, curriculum system, students’ source, international cooperation, teaching management and teaching network.


Speech by Prof. Marc Houalla, President of École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC)

“Congratulations on your decision to embark on a life-changing journey – a journey of life-long learning.  Thank you for believing in the three schools – Tsinghua, ENAC and ENPC; and investing your precious personal time to make a difference not only in China but the world.” said the President of École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC).

Professor Marc Houalla, President of École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC), traveled to the opening ceremony and expressed his gratitude to Tsinghua University for its trust in the two French schools, whose planning began six years ago.   Now the program has entered its third year, it involves not only the aviation industry, but also covers entrepreneurship, finance and innovative management, etc., primarily to reflect the market shift in China and mindset of the young and ambitious Chinese today.


Speech by Prof. Kirsty Tan Shoo Fong, International Dean of École des Ponts Business School

Prof. Kirsty Tan Shoo Fong, International Dean of École des Ponts Business School, delivered a speech from Dr. Armel de La Bourdonnaye, the President of École des Ponts ParisTech.

“Today is not just another day – Today is the beginning of a voyage of transformation unlike any other you have taken until now.  This program will change you and open a world of opportunities for you.”  Dr. Armel de La Bourdonnaye, the President of École des Ponts ParisTech addressed the TEE-EMBA students via remote video.  “We offer a world-class EMBA program, a unique tripartite partnership, which means that you will be benefiting from the cumulative experience of three world-renowned academic partners – three elite schools that are recognized for their academic excellence around the world.”


Speech by TEE-EMBA 2015 student, Mr. LIU Qihong, as the representative of Graduating Class of 2017

“I believe every student present here has a “Tsinghua-Dream” – the reason why you elect to return to Tsinghua University after years of hard work in the industry and now are seeking to improve yourself and future business development.”

Mr. Liu Qihong, a 2015 TEE-EMBA student representative, said “In today’s era of information overload, access to knowledge has become very convenient, but innovative thinking is hard to pursue.  Our teachers not only parlay knowledge, they teach innovative ways of thinking; leading us to constantly challenge the usual mode of thinking, and constantly challenge ourselves to adapt to the changing needs of today’s society.”

In addition, Liu Qihong said he was often moved by his classmates; many of whom are industrial elites with innate humility, life-long learning attitude and positive spirits.  The 2-week Study Trip to France he participated in June 2016 was definitely a positive learning experience.


Speech by TEE-EMBA 2016 students, Mr. Guo Hong, as the representative of incoming cohort

“Standing on EMBA’s platform is like standing on the shoulders of a giant – our vision is widened, we have greater access to network of entrepreneurs and more opportunities for mutual cooperation.”  TEE-EMBA 2016 students, Mr. Guo, as the representative of incoming cohort, whose business is international education said Tsinghua has always been a dream for him.  “For all of us, this program presents a challenge, but also an opportunity. ”

As a business leader, having current knowledge and experience to manage a company is not enough, he said, “we need this EMBA platform to learn from teachers, from student fellows, continue to enrich ourselves, enhance our knowledge, broaden our contacts, integrate resources, and with the power of joint capital, lead enterprises in the face of fierce competition to survive and grow.”


2016 TEE-EMBA students at the opening ceremony


Leaders and guests from three schools participated in the launching ceremony

During the opening and program launch ceremony, leaders and guests from three schools raised their hands accompanied by music to light up the TEE-EMBA program.   The audience flashed light and applauded to signal the beginning of a learning journey for these 100 students in 2016 TEE-EMBA program.

Tsinghua SEM was founded in 1984, and its first dean was Professor Zhu Rongji.  During its thirty-two years of development, he constantly adjusted the development strategy and gradually formed the mission of “creating knowledge, fostering leaders, contributing to China and affecting the world” in personnel training, scientific research, social impact, international exchanges, etc. to maintain international quality standard.

Founded in 1716, École des Ponts ParisTech, also known as École nationale des ponts et chausses (ENPC), is France’s first integrated graduate school of engineers and representative of outstanding French elite education.  It is one of France’s top engineering schools.

Founded in 1948, École nationale de l’aviation civile (ENAC) in France fosters all the professional and professional talents associated with civil aviation.

Through the joint efforts of the three schools, TEE-EMBA program gains unprecedented public recognition and tremendous reputation.


Photo of 2016 TEE-EMBA students on Tsinghua campus


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