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About The School

The École des Ponts Business School is an internationally-accredited business school located only 25 minutes away from the center of Paris.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the programs we offer, on the quality of our faculty who come from all corners of the world to teach in our programs, on the quality of our highly-diverse student body, on the quality and commitment of our staff, as well as on our ability to get to know each and every student who comes to our school!

An Academic Excellence

The Business School has been delivering MBAs and management programs since 1987 with nearly 6,000 graduates to date of our programs around the world.

The École des Ponts Business School’s approach is based on that of our Alma Mater or mother school, the ENPC, which was created by royal decree of King Louis XV in 1747. The school is one of France’s Grandes Ecoles, renowned for the excellence of its education around the world. While still strong in all areas of civil, mechanical and material engineering, the ENPC is increasingly known for its programs on sustainability and the high number of students that go on to finance careers. The ENPC is now called École des Ponts ParisTech, after it joined the association of leading engineering schools in the Paris regions – ParisTech. To learn more about ENPC and/or ParisTech please click here.

The École des Ponts Business School is accredited by AMBA, the International Association of MBAs. Until the Financial Times recently changed its ranking system to favor large schools thar have many permanent professors, the school was ranked among the top 100 MBAs worldwide and is still considered so by people in the know. In September 2010, The Economist published its ranking of MBAs and the École des Ponts Business School emerged as the 20th leading MBA in continental Europe and the only MBA based in Paris city center. We are happy to be recognized by the rankings but we know that the true quality of a program is difficult to capture in a ranking.

We continue to believe that ensuring small class sizes, inviting the best professors we can find wherever they are in the world, promoting diversity through multicultural participants with a variety of backgrounds, and pricing our programs modestly is the winning formula to providing the best educational experience possible, and that, simply, is what we strive to do – day in and day out, year in and year out.

If you are interested in learning more about the school we invite you to browse through the different pages of our website, you may want to start by reading a few words by Honorary Dean Tawfik  Jelassi (message of the Honorary dean). We look forward to getting to know you and learning more about how we can help you to advance your career plans.

Nicolas Lapalu (France)CEO - Osborn-Unipol France

Jadwiga Gajda (Poland)IT Service Manager – Metanext

Shaleish DixitHead of Consulting & Sales Solutions - Wipro